Dramatis personae

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Skraga Blacktoof, da Skragakhan

Dramatis personae

An ill-tempered, violent and brutish being, Skraga Blacktoof was in many ways, an archetypical ork. Physically, he was a typical specimen of a Goff; heavily and densely muscled, with gnarled skin and a malevolent expression. Not a particularly resourceful commander, his forces nevertheless proved lethally dangerous owing to the harsh lifestyle forced upon them by the deathworld of Kursalt.

Blacktoof gained a murderous reputation as a barbarous cutthroat, utterly unequivocal and unwavering in his pursuit of victory. Sheer attrition was combined with swift ambush and direct assault at all opportunities. Prisoners of war were initially ritually devoured, their remains strung up on the many banners of the Black Kuttas. As the war continued, and materiel became more critical across the larger warzone, Blacktoof ordered all slaves to be tattooed with the symbol of a black tooth as they laboured to produce arms and equipment for their captors.

The Skragakhan, as he became known, rose to prominence during the Fourth Great Cull of the Scallop Stars; taking command of the Black Kuttas tribe after +REDACTED BY THE INQUISITION+

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