Dramatis personae

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Senior Interrogator Vikus

Dramatis personae

Interrogator Vikus was trained by Inquisitor Maltheus and has been loosely associated with him for a number of decades.  The Interrogator originally hails from Stapwell's World and is rumoured to be pursuing personal agendas in investigating what happened to it and how Inquisitor Prosion was involved.

Vikus has yet to reach Inquisitor standard as his superiors feel his investigation and diplomatic skills require sharpening, a claim he does not dispute.  Vikus is a hot headed but moral man (as far as it is possible to be moral) and rumour has it that the Ordo Xenos is soon to sponsor his promotion having helped them contain xenos outbreaks on several worlds including an outbreak of Giant Ice Scorpions on Ornithar III which threatened the Hawk outpost.  For this he was given a relic, a highly destructive power sword which he wields which astounding skill.

Vikus is in combat, a man you want to have close by and an inspiration to the guardsmen under his comamand who have heard of his exploits.  He is often accompanied by his loyal Ogryn bodyguard 'Red', who has protected his master from harm (usually of the xenos variety) on a number of occasions.