Dramatis personae

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Prince Kelmonyr

Dramatis personae

Kelmonyr, Prince of the House of Kelmon (M36.908 – M41.811)

Around his waist, Kelmonyr has tied a sash bearing a rune. Lexographers have determined this indicates his standing as an Autarch of the Iyanden craftworld, though the rune is unusually curtailed, lacking the usual flourish at the bottom. After interrogation at the hands of Confessor Volon's personal excruciator, the Prince revealed this symbolises his past being cut away by the 'Great Devourer', with the death of his antecedent Kelmon, Farseer of Iyanden.

On his left arm, Kelmonyr wears a shimmershield personal protective device. He also bears the sabre Sigh of Parting, heirloom blade of the house of Kelmon. The decorative pommel is a personal addition, indicative of Kelmonyr's past in the Striking Scorpion aspect sect.

Slung across his torso, Kelmonyr bears the sash of Joy-in-Courage clipped to the decorative mounting of his spirit stone. In turn, this is attached to an heirloom chased silver pauldron from one of his ancestors.


Commanding the fleet Kelmon's Last Avowal at the helm of his flagship Carmine Flash, the Prince led an expedition to the doomed planet of Thrmyr in the Frigia system in M41.810.

Consumed by hatred of the Tyranid, Kelmonyr was single-minded in his pursuit of Splinterfleet Cerberus, believing them to be carrying the genecode of his Iyanden kin. He began harrying the monsters at every turn. In the ensuing conflict, Kelmonyr was struck down by the Hive Tyrant Old Growler in single combat. His lifeless body was recovered by the sole Wraithguardian left standing after the battle at Ravine Golosoc. 

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