Dramatis personae

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Dramatis personae

Tracing his lineage back to Prince Surufesh Falling-Of-Hawks, the first Lord of Hosts the Craftworld [REDACTED] knew, Silvertongue was the only child of a scion of the line, and as such was invested with the Thorncrown and Bracelet of Gambits on his coming of age. Resenting the destiny placed on his shoulders, and choosing a destiny amongst the stars as a pirate, Silvertongue placed a terrible curse on his line, intending never to produce a child.

However, he returned to the Craftworld in later years and took up the mantle of the Surufesh line. Aware of his curse, he fathered a child, and refused to name him. Pursuing the Path of Artificer, he bound a mighty Dire Spear forever with the destiny of his son, and spat the curse – and his son's name – into the handle. Re-naming the sword the Lament of Kings, he took the weapon and disappeared deep into the webway, hoping to entrust the Harlequins with the weapon, and protect his child forever.

Such a curse was not so easily lost. The spear was absent for many centuries, but the son grew up bitter and resentful of being denied his name. Taking the title He-Who-Weeps, the headstrong child escaped from the craftworld with Rangers, determined to find the spear – and his name.

Decades passed before He-Who-Weeps found inner calm in the mountain lodges of the Exodites on the world of Zensurash. Determining to return home and follow the Path of the Seer, He-Who-Weeps stepped into the webway portal. No sooner had he entered the portal than he was confronted by richly-garbed strangers, who pinned his arms to his sides. The leader, blank-faced, stepped forward and presented him with a blade. Fearing the consequences, He-Who-Weeps refused – only to be told the spear was Tear-bringer, a weapon spoken of in the Epics. He-Who-Weep's destiny lay not in philosophy or thought, but in war...

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