Dramatis personae

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Lewdfiend Slaanesh

Dramatis personae

Lewdfiend Slaanesh, Mistress of That Left Unsaid, is a Keeper of Secrets who lays claims to the souls of those who die with a guilty conscience. These damned spirits have a terrible choice, either they confess their secrets to Lewdfiend, or else they are hers to do with as she pleases for all time. But if they do choose to confess then she will whisper their dark secrets in the dreams of their heirs. Of course as Lewdfiend is a Keeper of Secrets she already knows what is in their hearts, so the whole process is really no more than an exercise in perverse torture.

Lewdfiend's alleged first manifestation recorded in the annals of the Imperium occurred more than 10,000 year ago. A being calling itself the Master of That Left Unsaid was reported as being present at the Battle of Calth, but whether this was the same hermaphroditic daemon or another being entirely is a matter of debate. Of course Gamma-level Chronoarchivists still argue over whether or not there were truly any daemonic entities present at that engagement, and those of a higher rank will not be drawn on a definitive answer.

Recently Lewdfiend has formed a dark pact with Gatrog Nurgle to join his Cavalcade as it travels into the Antona Australis sector. Why she should do this is unknown, but this capricious daemon needs no other motivation for her actions beyond the oppotunity to cause mayhem and suffering.

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