Dramatis personae

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Dramatis personae

Kainan, Dark Apostle of Khorne

Heat. it is the lifeblood of Frigia. workers of the thermal vents, you channel the heat throughout the ravines, you are the vessels, you work the blood, you guide the blood, you understand the blood. 

Hear the blood.
The lord of blood speaks through me.
Heed his call.

Comms incept drawn from Mordporof Heatsinks, M41.200213.957. Attr. Kainan.

featured in many recovered documents, pamphlets and leaflets, this figure seems to be associated with many of the blood cults in the sector. either he is a figurehead used by many acolytes or he is highly mobile and a major player in a sector wide organisation.  

Cult propaganda claims he takes his cues from the prophecies of Kharneth, whispered to him by the mythical Crystal Skull of Maijam, a legendary artefact of old Frigia.

Associated military force