Dramatis personae

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Inquisitor Albera Vogel Intentius

Dramatis personae

Intentius is an Invigilati – an agent of the minor Ordo Invigilatus, which acts as internal wardens for the Inquisition; neutral parties that are – unofficially, as with all tasks the Inquisition undertake – called upon to arbitrate between Inquisitors. The Ordo attracts few, as the position necessarily relies upon tracking other Inquisitors and their agents, who often wish to remain anonymous.

A man of bleak outlook, and bleaker features, Intentius was active for many decades prior to the Scallop Star Purges of M37; a conflict in which he was personally involved. Terribly scarred by the Thornveil Witch affair, Intentius has extensive bionics, which he hides under heavy robes. A man driven more by duty than by passion, he has led numerous military operations and has an extensive background in the heavy warzones in which he often finds himself drawn, in order to observe his quarry.

Intentius has few close contacts, preferring solitary operation; but maintains a compact cell of three permanent staff. He recrutis temporrary staff for mundane work like data-sorting and piloting.

Kardamon Indri is a gamma-class psyker who has been extensively trepanned and lobotomised for obedience. Indri's inherent ability to detect the presence of anyone with whom he has ever had physical contact – even if they are half a sector away – has proven essential to Intentius' work.

Privius Val was an orphan taken from a Seminary on Hag's World during Intentius' investigations into the heretic Hunnuh the Unkind. Val's precocious knowledge of Ecclesiarchical doctrine gives Intentius surprising leverage amongst the Ministorum, and the two have a long and mutually beneficial association.

The Cardmaker is a pseudonym for the Balsene abhuman Barudu Imprecation. Skilled at forgery and mem-jacking, Imprecation offers Intentius a way into even the most secure data-system. Motivated entirely by an addiction to the narcotic daybliss, Imprecation relies upon the Inquisitor to feed her proscribed habit.