Dramatis personae

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Hieriel de Heirarra

Dramatis personae

Hieriel of the House of Heirara [M24.700–M30.011]

Hieriel de Heirarra, an Eldar prophet from the Craftworld Vaul Cerridwen. The dying prophet was entombed in a null-monk stasis-casket on his capture by the Inquisition, but somehow found his way into the hands of Snazzgutz. The rescue of the prophet from ork hands was the primary aim behind the Shattering of the Plains of Tranquility, the largest battle of the Anchorage Annexation.

The rescue failed in its aims and the cask of the prophet has had reported sightings in the Scallop Stars, on Oligorkia itself as well as on Frigia.  It is unknown what the Warlord Snazgutz intends on doing with his prize.

Image by Winterhall (http://images/characters/Eldar_Rune_Prophet_by_Winterhall.jpgwinterhall.deviantart.com/art/Eldar-Rune-Prophet-128790126), used without permission.