Dramatis personae

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Gatrog Nurgle

Dramatis personae

The seventh Arch-Deacon of Decay, Master of the Revels, Grand Marshal of the Smells; just some of the many titles of Gatrog Nurgle, a truly ancient Great Unclean One who has been in the service of Grandfather Nurgle for untold epochs. He has led his Cavalcade of Decay on a merry dance across the multiverse, sowing disease and death throughout the Imperium and beyond.

The woes he has inflicted upon mankind fill several chapters of the Malleus Malfecarium. The record begins with his affront to the soil of Holy Terra during the closing days of the Heresy, and finish with the long years he spent fighting alongside the Daemon Prince and former Captain of the Death Guard, Festamus the Diseased, also known as Skel'Ator.

The whereabouts of Festamus is currently unknown, but Gatrog's location is far less uncertain. All the omens point to his imminant arrival in the Antona Australis sector. There have already been several potent - although mercifully contained - outbreaks of a virulent infection amongst the Autodivination Choirs of Grosvenor 6. The infected have all died within days, their limbs atrophying and brains melting under fevered visions of a sector drowning in pus and ichor. The psykers mercifully saved under Epsilon level quarantine were only able to scream one name as their bodies were dissolved in blessed acid…Gatrog.

It is clear that Gatrog retains all his flare for the dramatic, but wishes the location of his Cavalcade's first performance in the sector to be a complete surprise for their “audience”.


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