Dramatis personae

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Culen the Insufferable

Dramatis personae

Culen the Insufferable, Farseer of Iyanden (M33.026–present)

The Farseer Culen Proudbrow has a long history that stretches into the distant past; and one that is tied closely to the Antona Australis subsector. Famed for his prowess at distance-farsight, he has become known as the Insufferable for discussing things that are so far in the future that they are largely irrelevant at the time; while being quite uninterested in anything of interest to those around him that might occur in the near future.

A political and cunning figure, he has inveigled himself with numerous noble houses of the Eldar, from Iyanden and beyond; and is ever-ready to land a hand even outside of the species, with the understanding that he will return to call in the favour – from the original promiser or their descendants, it's all the same to Culen.

He is an unusually active Farseer, spending little time in isolation. 

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